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Definition of of temporary total benefits

Definition of of temporary total benefits

Friday, September 08, 2017

The workers compensation system is intended to provide fair compensation to injured workers.  For those injured workers whose work injury causes them to be totally disabled form work on a temporary basis, the workers' compensation statute is intended to provide fair compensation.  While the basic concepts of temporary total disability are based in common sense, application of the statute and rules to a temporary total disability claim can become very complex and challenging.

Minnesota case law definition of what a temporary total disability is states,  " A person is totally disabled if his physical condition, with his age, training, and experience, and the type of work available in his community, causes him to be unable to secure anything more than sporadic employment resulting in a insubstantial income.  A total disability is temporary when it is likely it will exist for a limited period of time only"

If you have been injured at work and are not able to work, please give either John or myself a call and we would be happy to discuss your rights and options as an injured worker.