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What is a repetitive injury

What is a repetitive injury

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Gillette injuries arise from minute repetitive trauma which result in a compensable work injury when their cumulative effect is sufficiently serious to disable the employee from further work..The term Gillette came from the Minnesota Supreme Court case, Gillette v. Harold, Inc.  

In most Gillette cases, the repetitive trauma occurs over a significant period of time.  An example of a Gillette injury would be a person whose job duties required a lot of repetitive overhead lifting.  Often times, a person will develop shoulder pain that develops over a period of time, until the pain becomes intolerable and requires the person to seek medical attention.  For example, if it was determined that the person had a torn rotator cuff, the person's work duties may very well be a substantial contributing factor that caused the rotator cuff tear.  Therefore, the rotator cuff tear would then be a compensable work injury.

If you have an injury that has developed over time and you feel that it may be the result of your work duties, feel free to contact either John or myself and we would be happy to discuss your injury with you.  Thank you.